P18 handheld toolchainn, second try

I made a new hardware for P18HD. It is complete on single PCB, with USB connection.
This one has got software adjustable supply volatge regulator (MCP1726 + MCP41050) for target VDD, plus simple adjustable step-upconverter for high-voltage programming. Regulation is done using PWM module, ADC and simple PID loop (well, PI, actually). Target PDG and PGC lines are driven by 74LVC1T45 bidirectional drivers, so this little gaget is able to program and debug all PIC18 at any supply voltage. It is based on PIC24FJ256GB106, LCD96x64 pixels, 4MB FLASH and 32kB EEPROM.

For now, no source codes nor schematics, just pictures  P18HD2 on picasa

Updated 30.5.2011
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