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If you wish to contact me directly, you can write at jaromir {dot} sukuba {at} gmail {dot again} com

This page contains results of my work, especially in field of eletronics nad microcontrollers prgramming. If you don't understand what is it all about, then it is problably not for you. If you feel like it is interesting for you, have a question or you've found some error here, feel free to contact me.

Some people noted that this site looks like from early nineties.
Yes, it is like that, from three reasons.
1, I don't like eye candies where useful info should be present.
2, It takes more time to develop and maintain eye-catching site. I'm sparing my time for more useful activities.
3, Simple text, pictures and tables are more browser (CPU, RAM) friendly than all the useless flash, scripts and shit. Except of that, not everybody uses FF, Opera, IE, Safari or similar modern browsers nor PC platform.

Updated 30.6.2011
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