Personal page of Jaromir Sukuba

-about- About author and page (9.6.2011)
-news- Updates of this site (29.10.2012)
-links- Links I found interesting or useful (20.2.2011)
-gbook- Guestbook
- old projects- Overview of my older projects on single page (11.8.2011)
-P18debug- PIC18 debug module description and handheld PIC18 toolchain (26.8.2012)
-CPM- CP/M emulator on PIC32 (30.5.2011)
-RBU- Retrobsd - BSD UNIX minicomputer on PIC32 (20.2.2013)
-ARM-EMU- Dual-boot ARM emulator running Linux (7.5.2012)
-microreader- Small text reader with OLED (26.8.2012)
-fourbit- Homebrew 4-bit CPU (29.10.2012)
-pic500-STK500 on PIC (05.06.2013)
-rdmp-Rotary dial mobile phone (30.8.2013)
-polargraph-Polargraph (10.12.2013)
-pic89prog-AT89 MCU programmer on PIC (19.12.2013)
Musical instruments (TODO)
GSM experiments (TODO)
GPS receivers (TODO)
Unusable computers (TODO)


New project PIC89PROG